Donations and contributions in Tax

Insurance contributions, donations, childcare costs and maintenance costs can be stated as special expenses in the income tax return for the self-employed and thus deducted from taxes. Anyone who makes their customers or employees happy at Christmas or during the year can state part of these costs as operating costs.

Internet and telephone costs, home office

Internet and telephone costs can be listed in the tax return for freelancers, but a strict separation between private and business use is mandatory. If a self-employed person works entirely from home, the study can be counted in full. Otherwise, up to 1250 euros are deductible.

Moveable assets

Purchases with a value of up to 410 euros net can be fully deducted as business expenses. Assets with a value between 150 euros and 1000 euros can be depreciated over several years, depending on their useful life.

  • How many years this is possible can be seen from the official list “Depreciation for Abrasion” (AfA). A television set can be written off over seven years, a car over six years, and a safe over 23 years.
  • The loss in value of the item is taken into account through annual depreciation and the business assets are adjusted accordingly.

These attachments must be enclosed with the tax return for self-employment

The tax return is mandatory for the self-employed and must be submitted year after year to the tax office. Which attachments are to be attached to the tax return depends on the operating income. However, the jacket sheet and Appendix S must always be completed. For online tax preparation this is important.

Jacket bend and Appendix S

As with any income tax return, a cover sheet is also required in this case. System S must also be filled. Profits, operating expenses and income are listed here. Capital gains are to be stated separately. Appendix S applies for the corresponding exemptions. Debt interest and contributions for health and long-term care insurance are also taken into account here.

Income surplus calculation

Anyone who generates operating income of 17,500 euros or more must also submit the income surplus calculation with the tax return for the self-employed to the tax office. The taxable income is to be listed here and an income surplus account or profit and loss account to be carried out. However, all tax-reducing expenses can already be offset.