Accenture Federal Services wins $340 million government contract

Accenture’s federal business – Accenture Federal Services – has won a $341 million contract from the US Department of Commerce to modernize its core business systems.

The DOC contract will run for one base year, with 19 option years. Accenture will help the Department of Commerce consolidate its finance, acquisition, property, data warehouse, and other core business systems into a commercial software-as-a-service platform.

The centralized, modern system will increase visibility into enterprise-wide financial activities, reduce operational redundancies, and simplify admin functions. Finance data users will also be able to dive into real-time financial analysis, including trend analysis.

Accenture Federal Services wins $340 million government contract

“The Department of Commerce’s plan to modernize its business systems enables the agency to gain a more complete picture of its budget and spending trends and improve financial decision-making,” said John Goodman, CEO of Accenture Federal Services. “We’re delighted to support them using proven commercial platforms to consolidate their business and back office applications into a single suite of systems.

Accenture has worked with the Department of Commerce since the early 2000s, performing consulting work across analytics, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, digital transformation, and finance operations.

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