Accounting and consulting firm Rehmann rebrands amid pandemic

Rehmann, a Troy, Michigan-headquartered accounting and consulting firm, has launched a new company-wide rebrand with the tagline “Empower Your Purpose.”

The new brand emphasizes the company’s efforts in helping clients navigate the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

Rehmann also released a 30-second brand video as part of the launch. A transcript follows:

“There are moments that shake us to our core. That make us question our purpose. These moments define us or we define them. But our resolve is strong. We will be known as the ReGeneration, the leaders and thinkers that reclaim their future. We will ReStart, ReBuild, ReImagine, and ReStore our dreams. And that story begins right now.

Rehmann – Empower your purpose.”

The brand video endeavors to link the “re-” prefix, Latin for “again,” to the surname-based consultancy, which coincidentally begins with “Re”. Rehmann will help clients bounce back from the crisis, suggests the video, helping restart, rebuild, and reimagine their businesses for the new normal.

The Rehmann logo is a basic san serif font, in white, on a deep blue background. In other materials, the font is black, on a white background. The logo avoids the unfortunate trend of all-lowercase brand names, preserving the capital “R” in Rehmann, which is stylized with a triangular cut-out in the top left corner of the letter.

“We, like our clients, are focused on the long-term view: reopening, restoring and reinventing new ways of doing business. We are prepared to help our clients and advisors empower their purpose and come back stronger than ever, and our new brand is reflective of the work that is to come,” Randy Rupp, CEO at Rehmann.

During the pandemic, the company has been helping clients navigate stimulus programs, cyberattacks on remote workers, cashflow strategies, and operational considerations, among other areas.

The firm offers services in accounting, audit, assurance, and tax; business consulting; technology; outsourcing; and wealth advisory. The firm has nearly 900 associates across 22 offices in Michigan, Ohio, and Florida.

“Rehmann’s ability to support our clients holistically is now more important than ever and our new brand reinforces that purpose. Our intention is to be the accelerators and the trusted advisors that fuel their ability to innovate, adapt and move forward,” said Holly Shier, Chief Marketing Officer at Rehmann.

When consulting firms rebrand, they generally follow a few key paths. Overall, they try to transition to more of a tech firm vibe rather than the previous airs of a law firm. They strive for “approachability,” with names shortened to one surname or word, and “stuffy” serif fonts dropped in favor of “unpretentious” sans serif fonts.

Other recent rebrands include Kearney, Boston Consulting Group, and Baker Tilly.

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