How To Find Books To Sell On Amazon – Used Books Versus New Books

How to Sell Books on Amazon: 2021 Secrets for Selling Used Books &  Textbooks Online

An excellent way for making money is to start selling books on Amazon — and even to begin an online Amazon business. However, to start, you will have to learn can you make profit by selling books Amazon, and where to find books to sell on Amazon.

Is It Profitable To Sell Books On Amazon?

Yes, you might be wondering if you can actually make some cash by selling books – you guessed it right – the answer is a loud yes! Today, the Internet is loaded with stories of people selling books as a full-time career, or selling them on the side for some extra cash. That’s because the profit margins can be remarkable. It is possible to purchase a book for some dollars and sell it for double or even more amount. Now, that does not mean every book will gain you profit. Similar to any selling business, you will need to do research for finding the books with the most demand. 

And if you are going to sell the books anywhere, Amazon is the place for it. The marketplace has about 50% of the print book market and 3 quarters of the ebook market, with a lot of people signing up every day for Prime memberships. It’s obvious that in today’s age when someone wants books they probably go to Amazon.

How to Find Books to Sell On Amazon

Thankfully, you chose a straightforward niche to sell on Amazon. If we keep to the print book category, then you can sell used books or new books. It’s that simple.

Selling Used Books

Selling old or used books on Amazon is the most risk-free option. Check your bookcase/closet and find books you should resell. With this method, you can practice online selling if you’ve never done it ever. 

Books that could sell well:

  • Niche books
  • Textbooks
  • Old editions
  • Rare finds
  • Any sort of old book (but check its BSR — more about that below)

Still, if you cannot sell your stuff immediately, don’t stop. Keep in mind that your stash is possible just a reflection of your taste in books and not on what would sell best someday.

Selling New Books

If you are a beginner, selling new books on Amazon is a pretty tall order for you.

You’d have to source and acquire your inventory from distributors, wholesalers, or sometimes the publishers themselves. The only way for making money selling the new books is by purchasing in bulk (think 4 or 5 figures worth of orders per month).

Buying books from self-published authors is another option to consider since they usually don’t have any connections with the wholesalers. A huge drawback here is that self-published books are typically a big risk (let’s say they can be terrible)

If you are just learning how to sell books on Amazon, then we strongly recommend you specialize in selling the used books first.