I Want to Start an Awning Cleaning Business

There are so many small businesses you can start in the United States sometimes it’s hard for new entrepreneurs to decide just what type of small business they will wish to proceed with. Obviously, for your first small business it makes sense to get into a business that is simple, perhaps one with no inventory or which does not have a lot of labor needs and of course one without very much competition in your local community or the area you plan to market for such a new business.

For instance you might consider a service business; cleaning homes, cleaning pools or detailing automobiles. One business that we had found to be quite lucrative was the business of cleaning awnings. You see when you clean awnings there’s not a lot of competition generally and you can get very high billable rates.

The Companies and businesses that have awnings are willing to pay more because the cost of the awnings is very expensive and they want someone who knows what they’re doing. You can get training on how to clean awnings and then buy a pressure washer with special attachments and start your business.

Generally you’ll have to clean the awnings during off peak business hours or when the businesses are closed. The types of companies which will have you clean the awnings often have multiple outlets and locations for you to wash and this means one customer might have up to 20 locations for you to clean.

This makes getting you business going quite easy and also means that you have a repeat business because you will have to go clean all those 20 different outlets and awnings either once per month or every other month to keep them happy and to keep those awnings clean. The companies are willing to pay more money because of the special materials they do not want ruined by a novice who does not know what they’re doing. Perhaps you’ll consider this on your list of businesses to start in 2006.

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