Life sciences consultancy The Evanston Group rebrands

The Evanston Group, a Chicago-based life sciences consulting firm, has rebranded with a new logo and website.

The new logo has a simple outline of a desktop globe in dark orange, with “THE EVANSTON GROUP” in a black sans serif font to the right of, or alternately underneath, the globe. This is presented over a white background.

In an alternate logo, the company name (in white) encircles the globe image, on a black background.

The firm’s new website follows the color palette of the logo, utilizing white, black, and dark orange.

“The new logo and website are the first steps in a digital transformation that will propel The Evanston Group’s already strong record forward,” said Michael Romero, president and chief revenue officer. “Over the decades, the firm has continually evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of complex life sciences organizations. Now our digital presence matches that innovative spirit and reflects the mix of talents, skill, intuition, and experience our clients rely on us for.”

Life sciences consultancy The Evanston Group rebrands

The firm says its rebrand reflects its “client pull” adaptive service model, which combines experienced leadership, exactly matched talent, and a speedy response.

Founded in 1999, Evanston supports pharmaceutical and medical devices clients with program and project leadership, executive consulting, and advisory services. The company’s more than 40 professionals use deep industry expertise to advise companies on regulatory, quality, and compliance issues; clinical trials; and the development of drugs, vaccines, treatments, and medical devices.

The company also offers advisory services in digital transformation strategy, mergers and acquisitions, and supply chain.

The company earlier this year announced an expanded leadership team, which includes president and chief revenue officer Michael Romero, senior vice president Nick Katzenbach, and chief of staff Christine Luke. The trio joined Evanston from global IT consulting firm HCL.

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