PA Consulting and Hydroxyl Technologies partner on decontamination tech

PA Consulting and Hydroxyl Technologies Ltd. (HTL) have partnered to develop Airora Professional, a decontamination technology which uses hydroxyl radicals to kill airborne and surface viruses and bacteria, including coronaviruses, influenza, and e-coli.

The tech uses hydroxyl radicals, sometimes referred to as “nature’s detergent,” which occur naturally in the open air but are absent indoors. Hydroxyls kill virus and bacteria cell walls and genetic material without harming humans or animals.

The Airora tech creates a continual supply of hydroxyls to sanitize indoor areas, and can be mounted on walls, ceilings, or desktops. The solution has applications across healthcare, office, retail, and public transport areas, among others.

The solution has been in development by Hydroxyl Technologies for 15 years, and extensively tested by numerous labs, including the UK Health Protection Agency. Airora has been proven effective to kill up to 99.9999% of a highly concentrated aerosolized virus.

PA Consulting and Hydroxyl Technologies partner on decontamination tech

PA Consulting, which has deep expertise in rapid product development, is currently finishing the final production design for Airora. The London-based firm has developed numerous innovations over its more than 70-year history, including pulmonary drug delivery devices and self-monitoring devices for blood glucose measurement.

Lorraine Baldry, co-founder and chair of HTL, said, “PA is an expert in combining ingenious innovation with rapid product development. To support our fight against Covid-19 and protect lives, we have a mutual goal of getting this technology into the world as soon as possible.”

PA and HTL are now seeking commercial partners to quickly manufacture the device. The pair hope to launch a broadly applicable, scaled solution in the span of a few months.

Wil Schoenmakers, head of PA Consulting’s global consumer and manufacturing practice, said, “HTL has unrivaled expertise in hydroxyl radical solutions. Their patented technology is several orders of magnitude more effective than other decontamination solutions in indoor environments, and it works without people having to vacate the space. This technology can help people be and feel safer indoors.”

PA is currently helping coordinate the UK government’s call for manufacturers to shift resources to the production of ventilators for the National Health Service.

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