Protiviti launches business resilience tool to help navigate Covid-19 challenge

Protiviti, a global management and technology consultancy, has launched its complimentary “Navigating Business Resilience” tool, which helps organizations build operational and financial resiliency in response to Covid-19 disruptions.

The pandemic has highlighted numerous risks and vulnerabilities across industries, as global supply chains are tested, globalized interdependency is strained, government policy shuts down sectors, and the fallout ripples its way through all parts of the economy.

The consultancy’s online tool asks the company to select and rank its critical pain points across core functions by using an interactive dashboard to visually map critical issues and then prioritize which areas need immediate attention.

The Protiviti tool then creates a custom online report which details delivery timelines and approaches which can be referenced at any time. It also gives an overview of relevant Protiviti solutions and tools to help the business address its specific challenges.

By using the Navigating Business Resilience tool, companies can become more financially and operationally resilient, and develop an operating model that is lean and agile for the post-crisis period, according to the consulting firm.

“Now more than ever, we’re seeing a striking disparity between organizations that take a proactive approach to identifying and responding to their specific vulnerabilities and risks, and those who do not,” said Patrick Scott, executive vice president, industry programs, Protiviti. “We saw a great need in the market for businesses to have access to a tool that can help them quickly uncover and assess their pain points and prioritize areas that require a rapid adjustment to enable surviving the current economic disruptions and then transforming their operations in order to thrive post-crisis.”

Based in Menlo Park, California, Protiviti has approximately 4,000 employees across 85 offices in over 25 countries.

The firm in April also dropped the paywall on select content from its paid subscription KnowledgeLeader website, covering topics ranging from business continuity to technology risk.

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