Ubix and Klarrio partner on artificial intelligence and data science

Ubix, an Orange County-based AI platform company, has partnered with Klarrio, a Belgium-based IT consulting firm. The pair of companies will collaborate on several data science and artificial intelligence initiatives.

Founded in 2013, Ubix offers a cloud-based, open source, AI-on-demand platform that allows users of all skill levels to develop and deploy data architecture and AI pipelines faster and better. The platform has a machine learning engine trained by every input and outcome, growing in knowledge and impact over time.

Unlike other legacy data science products, Ubix provides an end-to-end capability from data acquisition and predictive modeling to deployment and performance monitoring.

The company has served companies across industries, including energy, healthcare, and financial services. In one engagement for a financial organization with the largest number of day traders in Asia, the Ubix platform reduced the time to publish 24 new independent data models from 2.4 years to 15 days.

Ubix and Klarrio partner on artificial intelligence and data science

The partnership with Klarrio, a consultancy focusing on real-time data streaming solutions, will see Klarrio provide services and delivery capabilities to enhance the Ubix platform’s deployment at enterprise clients.

“This partnership will help strengthen our companies’ collective capabilities in data streaming, data science, AI and IoT,” said Doug Barton, Ubix president and CEO. “Our collaboration will help both of us to further develop solutions, methodologies and best practices that are mutually beneficial for our companies, our customers and the market as a whole.”

Klarrio is a systems integration, consulting, and software development firm specializing in real-time data streaming. The firm’s cloud-based streaming solutions enable companies to tackle complex integration requirements and high volumes of data flow, while providing a bridge between legacy systems and emerging technology such as IoT and big data.

The firm is headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, and has a US office in Apex, North Carolina. Klarrio has further offices in Germany, The Netherlands, and Australia.

“Our companies are a natural fit by combining our AI, data engineering, data science and site reliability strengths with the UBIX AI-on-Demand model,” said Jim Smith, founder and CEO of Klarrio US. “Together, we’ll be in a stronger position to provide better solutions and more valuable outcomes for all our customers.”

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