AArete launches mobile app for managing workplace reopening

Consulting firm AArete has unveiled its new mobile app “Digital Pass” to help organizations manage workplace reopening, infection risk, and capacity restrictions.

The secure app asks employees and contractors to answer questions based on CDC guidelines, and then generates either a response of “cleared to proceed to work” or an alert to consult with a supervisor before arriving on the premises. Digital Pass also incorporates a reservation for office space occupancy, as well as entry/exit scheduling, in order to help organizations adhere to capacity regulations and guidelines.

“While organizations have been nimble and adjusted to temporary remote operations in the short term, we’re trying to optimistically shift the focus on how to transition back to ‘the next normal,'” said Loren Trimble, CEO and managing director at AArete. “Get the base product in place and operating, then the beauty of this solution is it can very easily adapt to client’s specific requests as well as to unexpected future changes.”

AArete launches mobile app for managing workplace reopening

AArete said that it would be using the mobile app in its own operations. The consultancy noted that the app would be immediately beneficial to clients in essential services such as healthcare, transportation, logistics, distribution, and retail.

The solution’s secure and encrypted data also delivers analytics to help executive administrators analyze patterns in symptoms across locations, and compare them to local infection trends. The app also helps management better estimate on-site staff availability, according to a release from AArete.

“As employees and contractors return to the workplace, business leaders are thinking about proactive ways to protect staff health and improve confidence. The Digital Pass is an intuitive solution that combines secure data and more importantly, actionable analytics to offer organizations an immediate, guidelines-based solution,” said Bhrugu Pange, managing director and leader of the technology solutions practice.

AArete is a Chicago-based management consultancy, with offerings across strategy, digital and data, technology, supply chain, M&A, and turnaround. Founded in 2008, the company has additional US locations in Dallas, Denver, LA, New York, and Washington, DC, as well as international offices in the UK and India.

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