Accenture pumps $3 billion into new Cloud First division

Professional services giant Accenture has launched a Cloud First practice to enable digital transformations across the world. An investment of $3 billion will be channeled into the division over the next three years, signaling the firm’s commitment to the cloud segment. 

Accenture’s cloud services generated around $11 billion last year, and the firm is looking to cement its position as a cloud expert. Accenture Cloud First will have a multifaceted team of 70,000 professionals, who will combine knowledge of the firm’s entire business ecosystem to advise clients, while also serving a number of other key functions.

The $3 billion commitment is to advance all aspects of Accenture’s cloud offering. This ranges from basic functions such as cloud migration and cloud artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure to more meta investments in developing industry road maps, data models and solutions for the entire cloud ecosystem. Research & development (R&D) in the edge computing space will also fall within this mandate.

The goal is to create a one-stop-shop for cloud solutions. Clients will be able to leverage Accenture Cloud First’s sector-specific expertise, while also working with AI and analytics specialists at Accenture Applied Intelligence. Experience design skills are also on offer from Accenture Interactive, among a wide range of other cross-sectoral yet cloud-related advice and solutions.

Also integrated in the offering are talent development services, change management, as well as considerations of security, privacy and the responsible use of technology. Judging by its own position, as well as that of the global business environment, Accenture Cloud First is poised for a significant business portfolio.

Accenture pumps $3 billion into new Cloud First division

Digital transformation is among the top priorities for business across the world at present,  and research has shown that leaders in digital transformation all have ‘cloud maturity’ in common. Cloud here is not simply implemented as a convenient and cost-effective tool, but is leveraged to enhance nearly every aspect of the business. In recent years, Accenture has been helping businesses with every step on their journey to cloud maturity – from basic migration to building an advanced ‘cloud first’ business.

The firm has ramped up its capabilities at a remarkable tempo recently, driven by acquisitions in every part of the globe. This inorganic growth strategy has bolstered nearly every offering, giving the firm a strong ecosystem to build on. With Accenture Cloud First, all these capabilities will integrate to serve a rapidly expanding cloud market. According to Accenture CEO Julie Sweet, now more than ever is the time to push for cloud advancement.

“COVID-19 has created a new inflection point that requires every company to dramatically accelerate the move to the cloud as a foundation for digital transformation to build the resilience, new experiences and products, trust, speed and structural cost reduction that the ongoing health, economic and societal crisis demands—and that a better future for all requires,” she said.

“Accenture Cloud First and our substantial investment demonstrate our commitment to delivering greater value to our clients when they need it most. Digital transformation requires cloud at scale, and post-COVID leadership requires that every business become a ‘cloud first’ business,” she added.

Leading Accenture Cloud First will be Karthik Narain – a tech veteran based out of Silicon Valley. Narain has two decades of professional tech experience, starting at Infosys, followed by nearly 10 years at HCL, and more than half a decade at Accenture. Most recently, Narain has been Accenture’s Technology Lead for North America. His new role as head of Accenture Cloud First is effective from October 1st.

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