Daniel Partin and Lanna Teh on working in consulting

Daniel Partin and Lanna Teh have both been working at Redmond-based The Spur Group for approximately four years. The two consultants reflect on why they enjoy working in the consulting industry.

Daniel Partin: “Consulting provides a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact on executive decision making early in your career. To add value as a consultant, you have to understand not only how organizations operate, but how they evolve and manage change, and have a deep toolkit to quickly adapt to every situation.

“I love that Spur focuses on teaching the skills needed to solve problems, think critically, and create end-to-end plans. Having mastered those skills, and embracing life-long learning, I’m confident I can be successful in any role.”

Daniel Parin and Lanna Teh, The Spur Group

Lanna Teh: “To me, consulting is about helping my clients succeed. The most rewarding aspect of my role is creating end-to-end solutions for clients that allow them to streamline their processes and better manage their businesses. I enjoy the challenge of designing and delivering effective business operation strategies for industry-leading organizations.

“While it isn’t always straightforward, the consulting environment is dynamic and fosters the power of teamwork to deliver results that benefit all stakeholders. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of intelligent, wonderful people and build powerful connections with my clients and peers. The collaborative nature of consulting, the ability to create positive solutions, and the experience of working in fast-paced, dynamic environments are just a few of the reasons why I truly enjoy what I do!”

The Spur Group was launched in 2006 by four co-founders – Randy Karr, Chris McCall, Richard Flynn, and Steve White – who had the ambition to build a leading consulting firm specializing in sales & marketing, revenue acceleration, and channel and partner management. In the past fourteen years, the firm has delivered over 2,000 engagements at 600+ clients. Today, The Spur Group employs 240 consultants and staff.

The consultancy has been named one of Washington’s 100 best companies to work for by Seattle Business for six consecutive years. “Putting people at the heart of every decision is what allows us to deliver results for our clients. But it’s also what makes our collaborative environment so rewarding – and what makes us look forward to coming into work every day,” explained Bhavani Murugiah, the firm’s chief people officer.

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