Everything You Need to Know About the Jackson Mississippi Sign and Save Solar Program

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It is not a surprise that the federal and state governments are actually encouraging us to go solar because not only can it help the environment, but it could actually help the grid when you sell your extra energy back to the grid. One thing that it could actually do is also prevent blackouts, so they could pay you back through rebates and incentives. With commercial solar in Jackson MS, you would be able to have these certain incentives that are given to solar owners. Will Solar Energy in Jackson, MS Home provide significant savings? So, here is everything you need to know about the Jackson Mississippi sign and save solar program.

What are The Financial Incentives to Adopt Energy-Efficiency Upgrades in Mississippi?

  1. Utmost Energy (GAS) Industrial and Commercial Rebate Program
  2. Atmos Energy (Gas) Residential Appliance Rebate Program
  3. Building Energy Code
  4. Coast Electric Power Association – Comfort Advantage Home Program 
  5. Entergy Mississippi – Residential Energy Efficiency Program
  6. Mississippi Clean Energy Initiative
  7. Mississippi Power (Electric) – Residential Loan Program
  8. Mississippi Power – In-Home Energy Checkup Program
  9. Mississippi Power – Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program
  10. Net Metering
  11. Pearl River Valley Electric Power Association – Residential Rebate Program
  12. Singing River Electric Power Association – Comfort Advantage Home Program
  13. Southern Pine Electric Power Association – Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate


  1. TVA – Green Power Providers
  2. TVA – Mid-Sized Renewable Standard Offer Program
  3. TVA – Solar Solutions Initiative
  4. TVA Partner Utilities – Energy Right Heat Pump Program
  5. TVA Partner Utilities – eScore Program

Is the State of Mississippi Supportive of Solar Innovation?

Yes, in fact, the US Department of Energy (DOE) is pursuing an all-of-the-above approach when it comes to developing every source of American Energy and the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) is the one leading the DOE efforts to build a strong and clean energy economy. This is a strategy that is aimed at reducing our reliance on foreign oil which would then save families and businesses money, create middle-class jobs, and reduce pollution. 

Actually, there is a tremendous opportunity to increase the amount of renewable energy that is generated in Mississippi. These improve the energy efficiency of Mississippi homes, buildings, and factories. In fact, last 2010, Mississippi was able to generate 2.8 percent of its electricity from renewable energy. The Mississippi’s Public Service Commission (PSC) received a $99,000 grant from the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners that was funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which was passed to develop energy efficiency standards for all of its utilities.

How Does a Residential PV Solar System Work?

  1. When the sunlight hits your solar panels, the panels being made up of silicon photovoltaic (PV) cells, it can absorb the rays of the sun and this then would make the electricity that was produced through the Photovoltaic Cells into effect. Direct Current (DC) electricity is the name of the electricity that is being produced by the PV cells, which is not suitable for your home appliances so the DC electricity is directed to your central inverter (or micro inverter) instead.
  1. Once the DC is in your inverter, it would be able to convert it to Alternating Current (AC) electricity. This type of electricity could then be used in your home. From there, the AC is then directed to your switchboard.
  1. If you don’t know what the switchboard does, it allows your usable AC electricity to be sent to the appliances around your home. It will always be there to ensure that the solar energy that had been converted could be used first to power your homes, only getting additional energy from your grid when the solar power that was produced was not enough.
  1. If you are in a household that is run by solar, then you are required to have a bi-directed meter (or a utility meter) that would be there to record all of the solar energy that is exported back to the grid (this process is called net-metering). This would be installed by your electricity retailer. 
  1. All of the solar energy that you have not used would then be sent back to the grid, which could earn you a credit on your electricity bill called a feed-in tariff (FiT). Once you receive your electricity bill, it would have all the electricity that you have purchased from the grid, plus the credits for all of the electricity that you have generated by your solar power system.

How is Solar Technology More Eco-Friendly?

Solar energy would have to be one of the cleanest sources of energy and it may or may not have an extremely effective way to make your household more efficient and sustainable. The solar panels do not use any kind of water to generate electricity, do not release harmful gases into the environment, and their source of power is abundant, all of these would then cause your household to reduce its carbon footprint.