Genpact acquires e-commerce agency Something Digital

Genpact, a New York-based digital transformation consulting firm, has acquired Something Digital, a New York-based e-commerce agency.

Founded in 1999, Something Digital is an interactive agency that specializes in e-commerce, website design, digital marketing, and user experience. The firm’s strategists, engineers, and designers use the Magento (Adobe) and Shopify Plus platforms to deliver e-commerce stores and sites, with a focus on customer-centric design.

The firm has offices in New York, Los Angeles, and West Palm Beach, Florida. Something Digital has more than 100 employees, according to LinkedIn.

Demand for e-commerce implementation and consulting has skyrocketed amid the Covid-19 pandemic, as companies across retail, CPG, and manufacturing have shifted to the area as a means of survival. A recent McKinsey report noted a distinct flight to digital channels, with most categories seeing more than 10% growth in customer bases during the pandemic. This isn’t a pandemic-bounded event either, as many consumers expect to continue their heightened e-shopping after the pandemic ends.

Genpact acquires e-commerce agency Something Digital

Genpact will roll Something Digital into Rightpoint, its 700-strong customer experience division. The division was formed from the 2019 acquisition of Rightpoint – a Chicago-based experience consultancy – and TandemSeven, a similar Boston-based firm acquired in 2017.

“The shift from offline to online is impacting companies across every industry in a variety of ways, large and small,” said Katie Stein, chief strategy officer and global business leader for enterprise services, Genpact. “Bringing together Rightpoint’s tremendous experience expertise with Something Digital’s commerce resources creates a step change in our ability to help clients connect their enterprise front to back to finally be able to solve for experience-led, end-to-end digital commerce.”

The acquisition will bolster Rightpoint’s existing commerce team. The move will also add extensive Magento/Adobe capabilities, making Rightpoint a Gold Adobe Solutions Partner.

Ross Freedman, CEO of Rightpoint, added, “The experience economy rewards organizations that can connect people, process, and technology effectively to deliver the right experience at the right time, and it leaves behind those that cannot. Only by connecting front-end commerce to back-end processes, can organizations create the customer experience that consumers increasingly demand.”

Genpact provides a range of professional services across digital transformation, supply chain, risk and compliance, and finance and accounting. The firm has more than 96,000 global employees and annual revenues of $3.52 billion.

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