How Must One Take Care of Their Two-Wheeler in Heavy Rains?

How to Take Care of Your Bike in Heavy Rains? (8 Easy Tips) | Gandhar Oil

Some bikers find their soul partner in their two-wheeler. They can even tweet, “In a romance with my bike,” with ease. They have an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) and are incredibly protective of their bikes, which they always keep in pristine condition. During the rainy season, this “care quotient” on the app for bike insurance soars. Whether you’re a bike enthusiast or want to know how to protect your bike from wet weather, keep reading.


It’s not easy to remember when you last had your bike serviced, whether you ride an AMC or not. Preparing your bike for the wet season by having it serviced is a smart move. All minor issues will be addressed during the service. Replacing the oil in the engine and applying lubricant to the chain are two of the most fundamental steps in any maintenance routine. If your bike needs special treatment for the rain (coating, anti-rust, etc.), talk to the workshop manager about it.

Keep Your Footing

When you lose your footing, you lose control. When it rains, roads can be slick, and if your bike’s tyres lose grip, riding becomes quite hazardous. If your tyres are worn, you should get new ones soon.

It’s Not Like There’s Any Braking

Road hazards such as rain, oil leaks, and impatient drivers can have devastating consequences. Poor braking can create a dangerous situation not only for the rider but also for other motorists, pedestrians, and other drivers. Keep your bike’s brakes in good working order. Learning how to maintain control of your bike after a stop is also challenging. Keep a safe distance, don’t race, and stop hard.

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Also, remember these things while Purchasing and Caring for your Motorcycles –

Checking for Moisture

During the rainy season, moisture can damage your bike’s air filters and other comparable components. It is recommended that you get your bike’s air filter examined if you experience any reluctance when starting the bike or if the engine suddenly goes out. There is a possibility that moisture has accumulated in certain crucial areas. The problems should be fixed by cleaning the damp area.

Wear a helmet

Wearing a helmet when riding your bike is mandatory in all weather conditions. When it’s pouring rain outside, the importance of your bike’s indicator lights increases. If the rain is accompanied by wind, visibility may suffer. In this case, indicators serve as a literal beacon of light.

Maintain Your Insurance

Examine your bike’s insurance coverage and find out when it has to be renewed. You want to avoid getting into an accident and discover your bike’s insurance coverage lapsed last Sunday.*

Insurance is mandatory

Insurance for your bike is not only required by law, but it may also protect you financially in case of an accident, theft, or natural disaster. Pillion Rider Cover, Engine Protection, Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance, and other optional extras can be purchased on a bike insurance online app to customise your insurance policy (subject to availability). *

Online insurance for your bike is very convenient. You may get insurance for your bike in no time at all by going to the insurer’s website or by downloading an app for bike insurance, choosing a policy, filling in the data, and making a payment.

*Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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