Salesforce consultancy Thunder rolls out new brand

Thunder Inc., a San Francisco-based Salesforce consulting firm, has redesigned its brand and launched a new website.

Thunder – which was founded in 2020 – has decided to switch up its branding to something that has the feel of a hip, fresh marketing agency. They’ve changed their brand color from teal to purple and upgraded to a bolder, all-caps logo.

“We wanted something that was as strong and bold as the name Thunder. That’s why we chose purple as our color, there are as many blues out there,” said Daniel Barnett, VP of marketing at Thunder. “We even have doodles in our brand. We want the ecosystem to know that we’re different. We’re a team that is always designing, always design-thinking.”

The firm’s new tagline – “As easy as boom” – is a nod to the firm’s confidence that it can deliver for clients. “We want our customers to see that transformation, it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. It can be as easy as, Boom!” Barnett added.

Salesforce consultancy Thunder rolls out new brand

Thunder’s more than 35 employees work with clients on implementing Salesforce solutions from Service to Marketing Clouds. The firm has worked with companies including ZoomInfo, Vistaprint, and Airtable.

Thunder is led by founder Carter Wigell, who started his career at Salesforce in 2001 as one of the company’s first 100 employees. He spent the next nine years at the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform company before leaving to co-found Cloud Trigger, a cloud CRM consultancy. Cloud Trigger was acquired by Cloud Sherpas in 2012, and then Cloud Sherpas was acquired by Accenture in 2015. Prior to founding Thunder in 2020, Wigell spent nearly two years as SVP of sales at WeWork.

Wigell says the rebrand will help Thunder differentiate itself in a saturated Salesforce ecosystem. “We’re super excited about the new and fun ways Thunder is differentiating,” he said. “We think our brand will resonate with Salesforce customers looking for a bold and decisive partner.”

Thunder in October 2021 received a growth capital investment from Clearsight Advisors, Salesforce Ventures, and Winning Streak Ventures. The firm said at the time that the investment would help it continue expanding into key areas of cloud innovation and customer experience, while also growing its leadership team.

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