US and European strategy firms merge to form TMT specialist Altman Solon

Two strategy consultancies specializing in the technology, media, and telecom (TMT) sector – Boston-based Altman Vilandrie & Company and Munich-based Solon Management Consulting – have merged to create Altman Solon. The new company bills itself as the largest global strategy consulting firm focused exclusively on the TMT sector.

Founded in 2002, Altman Vilandrie delivers services in strategy, operations, go-to-market, and capital markets to TMT sector clients. The firm has approximately 200 employees according to LinkedIn, with offices in Boston, New York, and San Francisco.

Solon was founded in 1996, and offers a similar set of consulting services to TMT clients in Europe and Africa. The firm has approximately 100 employees on LinkedIn, with offices in Munich, London, Paris, Milan, and Warsaw.

The merger of the two firms solidifies a previous decade-long partnership. The new expanded firm will help TMT clients across the globe develop and implement strategy, create market entry approaches, digitally transform, and navigate mergers and acquisitions. Altman Solon will also support private equity firms looking for opportunities and deals in the TMT sector.We are Altman SolonAltman Solon has approximately 300 employees across eight offices in the US and Europe. The combined team of consultants has helped telecom firms strategize and deploy fiber and 5G networks, advised media companies on over-the-top and streaming services, and consulted tech firms on entering the software-as-a-service and cloud computing markets. The merged company has completed consulting engagements in more than 100 countries.

Rory Altman, founder of Altman Vilandrie, and Patrick Bellenbaum, managing partner at Solon Management Consulting, will assume the joint roles of managing partners at Altman Solon. The firm’s partnership will be comprised of all the partners from the previous firms.

“The merger of our two strongly growing businesses takes this to the next level, by giving Altman Solon the seamless capability to solve global TMT problems with expertise drawn from a much broader pool of markets, situations and clients, combined with the deepest pool of dedicated TMT talent that only we can offer,” said Altman.

Bellenbaum said, “Today, even more than before, our clients can benefit from understanding worldwide best practices, business scenarios and technical developments. The merger of our two great firms ensures exactly this. It makes Altman Solon the only strategy consulting firm offering TMT sector specific advice across Europe, the Americas as well as Africa and Asia.”

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