US Army awards ERP strategy contract to Wilson Perumal & Company

Management consultancy Wilson Perumal & Company (WP&C) has won a contract to help the US Army modernize its enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

WP&C will support the US Army Materiel Command (AMC), which manages the US Army’s global supply chain and ensures commanders have the materiel on hand to conduct global military operations.

The AMC is currently facing challenges related to the modernization of its operations, including its current ERP technology. Under the contract, WP&C will assess the current state of the Army’s ERP systems and recommend a strategy to guide future technology design, execution, operations, and investments.

The Dallas-based consulting firm will develop ERP modernization strategy that leverages emerging technology such as AI, RPA, and IoT, while minimizing the introduction of unnecessary technological complexity. The firm says that a poor understanding of undesirable technological complexities often results in their introduction into critical systems such as ERP, impairing their effectiveness.

US Army awards ERP strategy contract to Wilson Perumal & Company

“WP&C has a long history of successfully helping AMC improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its manufacturing and logistics operations,” said Dean Hamilton, WP&C’s partner and chief technology officer. “Our goal is to help AMC use its next-generation ERP systems to create greater business efficiencies, improve readiness and force stability, and deliver rapid, continuous capability improvements to the warfighter.”

WP&C helps corporations, private equity, and government organizations tackle strategic, organizational, and operational challenges. The firm’s offerings stretch from technology strategy to culture measurement & change. The firm, which has offices in Dallas and London, was named the No. 1 small strategy consulting firm on Consulting Magazine’s 2019 Best Firms to Work For list.

Andrei Perumal, WP&C’s cofounder and managing partner, added, “We often hear how difficult it is to find competent, vendor-neutral, technology advisors who are also experts on  complexity – add to this our firm’s in-depth knowledge of AMC’s business and our lengthy and successful track-record helping AMC improve operations in the organic industrial base, and we are a natural partner for AMC in this engagement.”

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